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So this was the first time we had ever came in there. I brought my son there to get his haircut. We waited for a minute which was fine, but then I asked one of the workers if I could run to the Hallmark store really quick while my son waited and she said yeah but you will you be back by the time he’s ready to get his haircut. I said yes. So then a young boy maybe the age of 10 to 12 came in. They signed in and the mom said that she was going to wait in the car. so the same worker/stylist asked if his mom was there. she had gone to the car ready and he said yeah she’s waiting for me in the car. And she said well we need to know what kind of haircut you want so he went out asked his mom and the mom came back in and told them. then she walked back out.the stylist/worker proceeded to be very rude and hostile to this young boy who was of African-American descent. Then three young boys came in about the same age with their dad. then their dad left. the three boys signed up and this woman said nothing to them. they got to go right in and get their haircut in front of the little boy of the African American descent. because the worker/stylist was so rude and told him your mom has to be in here for you to get a haircut. he left and they didn’t come back in. Understandably so, because this stylist/worker was so very rude to him. she was very rude to me and my children. I did not appreciate the way that she was acting and talking to this young boy. Shame on her for Acting this way and being such a racist in this day and age! Me sons haircut looks great, but it was by a different woman. she was very nice and pleasant. I am pretty sure they won’t come back in and neither will we for the simple fact that this woman showed no kind of professionalism and really looked like she hated her job. I think her name was Juile or Julia. She had long blonde hair and her station is in the very front. I hope management takes action on this matter. And if she is one then she needs to step down or find another job.

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Maggie G. | December 16, 2018 Stylist

"So this was the first time we had ever came in there. I brought my son there to get his haircut. We "